WAVESTONE Banking: Achieving sustainable success together


Financial service providers are facing numerous challenges. Outdated technologies, fragmented systems and increasing state regulation require a balancing act between digitalization and compliance. The resilience and sustainability of your ecosystem is also becoming ever more important in times of rapid technological advancement and unforeseeable crises. This is why you can rely on our many years of expertise and allow our seasoned experts to support you on the path to a sustainable future. That’s because Wavestone means: Achieving sustainable success together!

The bank of the future: sustainable, secure, customer-oriented

Sustainability is more than just ESG and regulation. For us, sustainability is the belief in growing organically, developing further and thereby investing in your own future. We believe that this also means ensuring the highest level of integrity and security, actively promoting cooperation and partnerships, and establishing resilience and stability as the basis for all systems. This is the only way sustainability; trustworthiness and a tailored customer experience can be implemented with confidence.

Trending topics

The world of finance is constantly changing. To remain at the forefront of the industry in the future, banks must face tomorrow’s urgent challenges and issues today. Sustainability and technological advancement take center stage here. But customer needs have also changed significantly in recent years. This means the industry must be more agile, resilient, and efficient, as well as react in a significantly more customer-oriented manner.

Sustainably customer-oriented

The opening up of markets and associated competition is one of the main reasons why traditional financial service providers lose customers. To strengthen customer loyalty, traditional banks must address the competition from fintech companies. This is mainly due to the expansion of digital channels, the creation of personalized customer experiences and the development and implementation of a comprehensive omnichannel strategy.

Efficient thanks to automation and AI

The financial services industry finds itself up against a dynamic of changes never seen before. The pressure for cost reduction is significant, while at the same time there is an acute shortage of skills. To meet customer requirements in the future, process automation and the promotion of digitalization capabilities are unavoidable. Lay sustainable and secure groundwork with Wavestone today for AI-based solutions for financial service providers.

Data-driven finance companies

Data-based approaches are indispensable in today’s financial world. They allow banks to not only meet the increasing regulatory requirements and ESG obligations, but also help them to effectively manage their business and thus earn a sustainable profit. We’ll support you to implement efficient, data-based bank management.

Sustainable Finance

Sustainability is no longer just a trend, but a necessity for finance companies. We’ll support you to turn sustainable change into an opportunity and successfully adapt to new markets, customers, and technologies. Our comprehensive specialist, methodical and technical expertise means we can support you effectively in all industries.

Our core competences

Thanks to our comprehensive expertise in the industries of core banking, regulation, and data, we can react fully independently and develop individual solutions for you without depending on third-party providers. We draw on a wealth of experience built up over more than three decades to do this and are proud to work together with you to build a sustainable future.

Core banking transformation

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Outdated systems, problems with scaling and the need to keep pace with regulation presents banks with immense challenges in the age of digitalization. The key is to provide a modern and flexible core banking platform. This can reduce your risks, increase the efficiency of your processes, elevate your competitiveness, and exceed the increasing expectations of your customers. We’ll support you with transforming your core banking landscape and make you future fit.

Cross-platform data integration

Vast quantities of data are generated daily in today’s financial world. This means you must synchronize your databases and implement comprehensive data management systems to facilitate seamless access and exchange of data in real time and prevent redundancies. For you to be optimally prepared for the future, we’ll provide you with a holistic view of your information and support you on the path to a data-driven corporate culture.


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