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WAVESTONE for the Travel, Transport & Logistics Sector

The pressure for change in the transport and logistics industry is enormous. New, digital business models, changed customer and mobility behavior, new market participants and digitization are just some of the challenges companies are currently facing. An important factor in meeting these challenges is the ability of companies to innovate and to implement new concepts quickly and sustainably.

WAVESTONE supports transport, mobility, logistics and traffic providers, among other things, in the development of digital business models, the creation of holistic solutions in the area of customer experience management, the digitalization of processes, the development of innovative mobility concepts and the identification of new business areas.

News in the Travel, Transport & Logistics Sector

  • The proportion of electric buses will continue to increase over the next few years. Electric buses are the new business model.

Entering a new operational concept: Transitioning fleets to electric buses

  • The future of the automotive industry is characterized by the transformation to a software-driven company. Three dimensions play a central role here: people, technology and business.

Efficient mobility: 3 levers for enhanced efficiency and resilience

  • For travellers, mobility should be individual and affordable, while for mobility providers it should be economically viable. This can be achieved with adaptable, flexible mobility. Read more about the necessary parameters for this.

Flexible mobility: Three reasons why mobility providers need to become more adaptable

  • Individual mobility needs and consistent customer centricity will be critical to the success of players in the mobility industry in the future. But what do these needs look like and how can services be knitted from them?

Customer centricity: the answer to individual mobility needs of tomorrow

Our Services for the Travel, Transport & Logistics Sector

Optimal customer management, well thought-out sales strategies, digital products, services and business models ensure sustainable corporate success and support the achievement of growth targets. The aim is always to ensure the highest possible level of customer experience and to use the associated differentiation potential as a competitive advantage.
  • Development of digital business models, products and services (design thinking, business cases, product/ portfolio management)
  • Sales Management (strategy, processes, channel optimization)
  • Customer experience management (customer journey, touchpoint analysis)
  • Customer service & loyalty management (360° approach)
The redesign and optimization of core logistics processes helps companies to increase their process efficiency and quality. This increases digital maturity, raises the level of integration and, in addition, avoids system and process breaks. As a result, efficient and consistent value creation is made possible.
  • Digitalization and optimization of core logistics processes (focus: planning, disposition, transport and maintenance)
  • Potential analysis for the integration of new technologies (AI, IoT, robotics)
  • System selection and Implementation Management
  • Project and Transformation Management

The mobility market is changing fundamentally in the course of the digital transformation. New players are entering the market, existing ones are changing their business models and adapting them to the new conditions. Digitalization and smart technologies generate data that enable innovative business models, processes and services. Making these developments usable for intelligent and networked mobility is becoming a central success factor for companies, regions and public authorities.

  • Development and Realization of Mobility Concepts
  • Development and Realization of Digitalization Strategies
  • Digitalization and Optimization of Mobility Processes
  • Extension and Development of new Market Segments
  • Feasibility Studies for and Implementation of innovative Technologies and Mobility Solutions
  • Support of transformation processes within the framework of Mobility Coaching

Success Stories in the Travel, Transport & Logistics Sector

  • SBB sees potential in reducing energy consumption . That’s why SBB developed the EVA app together with WAVESTONE. This shows the energy consumption of each train driver and gives him the opportunity to optimize his driving style.

Success Story: “Energy consumption optimization at SBB”

  • SBB is now integrating its shop partners into business processes by making sales and frequency analysis data available to merchants, including forecasts and KPIs.

Success Story: Integration of Partners into international Processes with SAP Cloud Platform Services