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Project Management Excellence

News in the Area of Project Management

  • Our environment is becoming ever more dynamic, new technologies and developments are changing the business world ever faster and more fundamentally. This also requires a rethink of the concept of leadership. Agile leadership is the key word

Agile leadership: mastering change and making organizations fit for the future

  • How does cost planning work within an agile organization? Lean Agile Budgeting provides a flexible solution that enables long-term planning and controlling despite an agile environment.

Lean Agile Budgeting – without Cost Centers, yet Transparent and Flexible

  • Your company wants to become agile? When building an agile organization, several things have to be considered. With these 6 steps, the successful agile transformation will succeed.

Roadmap for agile transformation

  • Agile project management is reaching its limits in large projects. The SAFe Framework helps with agile scaling up to program and portfolio level.

Think Big: How to scale agility in your organization with SAFE

Our Services in the Area of Project Management

The success of your project plans – based on agile, classic or hybrid approaches – does not only depend on agile artifacts or classic project management processes, but also on the anchoring of the appropriate method in the project. We professionalize your project management, ensure that leadership roles are successfully filled and that projects are carried out efficiently – right from the start.
  • Identification, adaptation and implementation of suitable approaches and methods
  • Anchoring of the chosen project management approach in the organization
  • Empowerment of all project members to work according to a uniform method
  • Filling the project roles to control the project
  • Transparency through definition and introduction of project KPIs
Building an agile organization is a major challenge for managers, teams and the existing organization. Because there is no blueprint for the perfect agile setting. That is why we help you to ask the right questions and work with you step by step to develop the right agile answers for your organization.
  • Clarification of needs at top management level
  • Setting the level of agile transformation
  • Process model for building an agile organization
  • Reorientation of the old management roles
  • Reorientation of the career path and incentive model
  • Adaptation of the affected business processes
  • Ensuring the coexistence of agile and non-agile organizational units
We support you with changes to your complex IT system landscape. Our consultants combine competence and experience in processes, tools and methods to ensure the quality and readiness of your IT services. We guide and support you in changes in your IT ecosystems as well as the introduction of new architectures or the conversion of existing ones.
  • Quality Assurance & Test Management
  • Integration & Data Management
  • Rollout, Packaging & Deployment
  • Change, Transition & Release
  • Service Management
Our competence lies in providing our clients with high quality and predictable project results and transparency in the project ecosystem. Therefore, we see ourselves as turbo charger when it comes to the operational management and strategic direction of your strategic plans and project organizations. Tailored to your requirements, we put together consultants or entire delivery teams for you.
  • Project & Program Management Excellence
  • Enterprise Project, PMO and Portfolio Management
  • Demand & Delivery Management
  • Portfolio Risk Management
  • Financial Excellence
  • Remote & virtual PMO

Success Stories in the Area of Project Management

  • Companies and emergency services need a wide variety of materials for their employees. However, there is usually no standardized, digital ordering system that offers all types of materials.

Modern material provision thanks to one-stop shopping for the police

  • Audi AG has created competence networks for establishing and enhancing knowledge and competences with respect to future technologies. WAVESTONE supported the company in setting up a secondary agile organizational structure.

Success Story: Competence networks: Agile network structure as an innovation driver